We invest in companies that are transforming industries and the technologies that are underpinning the space value chain. Our fast growing portfolio is transforming the way global industries will operate. By backing businesses that observe our planet and the technologies that enable vast proprietary data sets we're enabling a new breed of applications tailored to specific verticals.
Seraphim manages £100m in Venture Capital, across two funds. The newly launched, £70m, Seraphim Space Fund and Seraphim Capital, a £30m fund launched in 2006 which is currently in divestment. The fund focused on early stage, generalist, technology opportunities.  
  • Spire is one of the world’s leading ‘New Space’ companies, operating a constellation of nanosatellites with unparalleled global coverage.

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  • World’s first microsatellite SAR. Iceye is building a satellite-based information service, providing the world with access to near-real- time imagery from space.

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