Our focus

The world’s first venture fund to focus on space at a time of radical changes within the sector

Satellites are the hidden lynchpins that make the world go round – we interact with them 36 times each day. As satellites are getting smaller, smarter and less expensive to launch, our reliance on them is growing exponentially. Many of the emerging new technologies that will come to define forthcoming decades – from drones and autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things – are ultimately underpinned by satellites.

Seraphim Space is a £70m venture fund launched in 2016 focused on the fusion of terrestrial technology and space applications. It is backed by smart capital from leading space companies. The fund is also supported by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency.

The fund invests in both downstream (software), and upstream (hardware) ‘New Space’ opportunities, along with technologies which rely on satellite data such as drones and the Internet of Things, or which have potential space applications such as artificial intelligence, robotics and nanomaterials.


We consider all geographies with a bias on companies headquartered in Europe. 

With £70m under management in Seraphim Space we typically look to lead investments at Series A, investing between £1m and £3m, potentially as part of a larger syndicate. At the time of our Investment our companies have typically built a product and achieved some early market validation with have high growth prospects. However we will consider opportunities at seed stage and through to Series B.

We are active on the Boards of portfolio companies working with our Corporate Investors and partners and alongside management teams to create significant value. 

As sector specialist we can genuinely bring value in ways that generalist funds can only talk about. With 8 active corporate space Investors and the leading space related agencies as partners, no other fund can bring full company lifecycle support.

What we look for-

The businesses we invest in tend to combine the following attributes:

People – we look to back passionate entrepreneurs who usually have prior experience of start-ups, deep knowledge of the markets they are seeking to address and a demonstrable ability to recruit world class talent.

Product – we look for game-changing products and services that are underpinned by proprietary, protectable technology and have already achieved some early customer traction.

Market – we look for opportunities that are solving major pain points in large directly addressable and well defined global markets.

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