Mission 2 Investor Day

29th November 2018

Inmarsat HQ London - 20th November
The culmination of an exceptional 9 weeks

With rockets and satellites welcoming you as you arrive, a state-of-the-art conference room, and space for our start-ups to give demonstrations of their technology; Inmarsat HQ was the perfect setting to showcase our second cohort companies: Ansur, Cystellar,  Entopy, KETS Quantum Security, Lunasonde, Nu Quantum, Quantum Light Metrology (QLM), Skyrora and Sofant.

A key aim of the programme, as a VC led accelerator, was to provide “investment readiness”, meaning the last 9 weeks of the programme had been leading up to this day. With over 2,000 hours of support from our corporate partners, the Seraphim Capital team and experts in the SpaceTech ecosystem, the companies could not have been more prepared. 

Having opened Inmarsat’s doors, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a sizeable and high calibre turnout; with over 150 VCs, corporates, journalists and other Space industry experts eager to discover what our start-ups had to offer. With the room filled out and expectant, the day got to a start:

Spearheading the day was Programme Director, Rob Desborough and Programme Manager, Claudia Mendzil, who were on hand to relay to the crowd the burgeoning opportunity within SpaceTech and how Space Camp was on hand to capitalise on this. They drew on the meaningful outcomes Space Camp had achieved so far; highlighted by the successes of our Mission 1 cohort who, since the end of the inaugural programme just a few months ago, had managed to secure £4M of funding, opened 2 new offices, hired 15 new staff and had enjoyed extensive engagement with our corporate partners.

Mark Boggett’s ‘State of the Nation’

Mark Boggett, CEO of Seraphim Capital, gave his thoughts on the changing VC landscape in the context of Space Technology. As the number of dedicated accelerators and venture funds looking to enter the market rise and the nature of corporate capital shifts, the SpaceTech ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate



Investor Day panel

Adding to an already high-profile day, we were privileged to be joined by Mike Butcher MBE, Editor-at-Large for TechCrunch, who moderated our Investor Day Panel made up of industry heavyweights: Catherine Mealing-Jones, Director for Growth at the UK Space Agency, James Bruegger, Partner at Seraphim Capital, Mark Dickinson, Deputy CTO, Space, for Inmarsat, Siobhan Clarke, Partner at Episode 1 Ventures, and Michael Lawrence, Head of Marketing at Telespazio UK. 

Here are our top 4 quotes from the panel:

On why Inmarsat are looking into Space and early-stage venture:

“One thing you struggle with as a large organisation is dealing with the rapid pace of change and how best to adapt to it. Being able to outsource this agility would help immensely”
Mark Dickinson

On what excites VC’s about Space the most:

“The whole explosion of Edge Computing. We don’t want to be sending data across the world or across planets to make those decisions. Anything that brings decision making together.”
Siobhan Clarke

“There are billions of people around the world who simply can’t get online and can’t communicate – Space provides the answer to that. This is why you’re seeing everyone from Elon Musk down looking to solve the problem”
James Bruegger

On the UK Space Agency’s plans and why they want to work with the private sector:

“We want to put Space at the heart of UK growth strategy overall. We don’t deliver growth at the agency – we partner to deliver growth”
Catherine Mealing-Jones


Having spent over two months having their propositions broken down and built back up again, we were confident that the start-ups chosen for Space Camp Mission 2 would do us proud and they definitely did not disappoint. They represent the very best in how SpaceTech can redefine large vertical markets and it was wonderful to see how far their propositions had matured over the short space of the programme. 

In summation

Investor day networking

Following closing remarks and some kind words from Justin Hill, Partner at Denton’s (our initial sponsor and host of space camp,) we all made use of Inmarsat’s facilities to network and celebrate.

Where one journey ends another begins. Following on from the huge successes of Missions 1 and 2, plans are already underway for Seraphim Space Camp: Mission 3. The programme is set to kick off in April 2019 and we are looking for a new group of entrepreneurial start-ups ready to tackle huge pain points using Space Technology. 

We would like to thank Yasrine Ibnyahya and all the staff at Inmarsat for facilitating a highly successful event and all of our corporate partners for all of their support.

If you would like more information on the teams or about how to get involved then please contact space-camp@seraphimcapital.com or go to www.spacecamp.vc. We look forward to hearing from you.

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